Newborn photography can be very challenging.  Below is a list of tips and suggestions to make your baby's session as successful as possible.  

A full baby is a happy baby!  Plan to feed your baby upon arrival at the studio.

Plan to interact with your baby in the 2 hours before the session.  A warm bath, singing, and talking are great ways to do this.  

 Loosen his/her diaper 30 minutes before your session and dress baby in a button or zip-up outfit.  This ensures that all diaper marks have disappeared and baby is not woken up by pulling clothing over his/her head.  

I keep my studio between 80 and 85 degrees during newborn sessions.  Be sure to dress accordingly as it will be very warm.

Accidents happen!  I wash all of my blankets and props in baby safe detergent following each session.  

I will supply all props for your session, but including a sentimental item or gift in your baby's photos is always welcome

Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours.  Be prepared to take things slow and don't stress if baby needs a break.  I allow about half of the session time to be soothing, feeding, and getting baby into a pose.

While I encourage parents and siblings to be included in a few photos, I require that any small children have a parent/grandparent to pick them up after the sibling/family photos.  This is to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment for baby.

Relax!  Babies pick up on stress and anxiety - especially from their moms.  Chances are high that your baby will cry.  Maybe even a lot.  Stay calm and above all do not stress about the clock.  I am very patient and never rush a newborn session.  

Safety is my #1 priority.  Some babies will go into certain poses while others will not.  I will never force a baby into a pose that is uncomfortable to him/her.